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A project developed for Rimadesio 60th anniversary consisting in an exclusive monograph and in a series of live unusual meetings. On the centre stage, international guests not part of the design and architecture world but related for their attitudes, and for their stories, to those values which have distinguished Rimadesio worldwide since 1956. A well-structured, unconventional and visionary journey through the past, the present and the future of the company.

Rimadesio, 2016

Core values of Rimadesio are embodied by four amazing characters, faces of the Rimadesio 60 project. And so then: the American songwriter Joan As a Police Woman for “creativity”, Matteo Nucci, academic of ancient world and philosophy for “heritage”, the yachtsman Giovanni Soldini for the “taste for challenges” and “respect for the environment” and the astronaut Maurizio Cheli for “innovation”. Tales rich in history, beauty, research and bravery that represents the spirit of Rimadesio.

Taisuke Koyama, Lena Amuat, Zoƫ Meyer, Petros Koublis, Alexandra Lethbridge. The intervention of these contemporary artists embody an additional, unforeseen but highly visible value: to probe contemporaneity, to understand it, to move at ease in the variety of the complex and discordant languages that characterize it.

The project is live, on paper, and online: all the meetings with the four protagonists are chronicled in the Rimadesio Journal, a digital meeting place where all the news, the events and the ideas are collected.
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