Interview with Giulia and Paolo Mojoli, founders and art directors

Describe Juma in three words.

Giulia: Research, comparison, pleasure.

What does it mean to communicate today?

Paolo: Over the last few years, tools and methods have certainly changed; today the digital channels are definitely the ringleaders and the interaction with varied targets is outright. The heart of the project remains although unchanged: the creation of quality content is pivotal, and so is the labeling of the brand’s true and distinctive values.

How is your work done? Who does it involve?

Paolo: We truly believe that coherence is essential, therefore graphics, photography, video, web design, and social media must necessarily respond to a common design. For this reason, besides the valuable professional figures of our team (graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, web designers, illustrators) we keep an open and constant dialogue with a wide network of collaborators, such as programmers and videomakers. The field in which we operate is always looking for better quality and efficiency, and this is the reason why we have recently created Camera Juma, a division, within our studio, dedicated exclusively to video editing.

In a world where the production of brand-and-product-related content is broad, what makes the content that Juma creates for its clients stand out?

Paolo: We are keen to research the best formal quality, associated with maximum synthesis. We investigate every detail of the various processes accurately, adopting suitable languages according to the different tools and channels we operate with. We believe that the acceleration risen with the advent of the digital world, inclusive of social networks, doesn’t necessarily lead to low quality. This approach requires familiarity and affinity with the brands, together with a constant and solid dialogue. It is no coincidence that, historically, the collaboration with our customers lasts in time, some of them have been going on for over ten years.

What does the word storytelling mean for Juma?

Giulia: It means everything. Communication in general, whether it’s about product content or a brand’s intangible values, should be imagined as a flow made of endless impulses, mainly visual, in which each vision must necessarily respond to a greater, common design.

What does your studio tell about you?

Giulia: Opening the studio within a natural park was a choice dictated by what my lifestyle was, back then. I realize today, six years later, that working in such an environment has turned into a visual language that has become an integral part of Juma’s identity.