Juma is the house where we work as an independent, multi-talented creative studio specializing in cultured content and ideas. We help new businesses get started and we refresh existing ones for growth. Our services include logo and identitylogo and identity systems, communication strategies, creative direction, photographyphotography, graphicgraphic and product designproduct design, web designweb design and drawingdrawing.

This is our daily business. And it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Giulia Mojoli

Achieved a diploma in graphics for advertising, she graduates in History, cultures and Eastern civilization at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on Xu Bing and his Book from the Sky (天书). From 2007 to 2008 she obtains a diploma in Chinese language and writing at the Beijing Language and Culture University. Back to Milan, she takes a step back into graphic designs and communication, following the family path. Creative director of Juma, she founds the studio in 2014, relying on the help and support of many precious personalities.


Annika Bruno

Narrowly born in the 80's, she graduates at liceo artistico A. Frattini in Varese. After a frugal participation at Brera Academy in Milan she opted for a course in Visual Communication at Supsi University in Lugano (CH) where she achieves a Bachelor degree. One week after graduation she joins Juma. Fond of graphics and research, history and clean images, she transforms concepts into graphics. "Curiosity and passion are the secret of perseverance. Collaboration and comparison are fundamental principles for the realization of daily requirements".


Eleonora Crippa

Graduated at School of Art G. Ferrari in the alpine town of Morbegno (SO), specialized in illustration design at Scuola di illustrazione del Castello Sforzesco in Milan, her working carrier led her to move overseas for several years. Returned to Italy in 2010, she is part of Juma since its very beginning, drawing, painting and designing. A further engagement in copywriting followed naturally, as was for corporate translations of scripts and essays.


Marina Barbieri

Born in Castellana Grotte (BA), she studied Industrial Design at Politecnico di Bari, writing her thesis on graphic design on the identity of the archaeological museum of Santa Scolastica di Bari. From 2009 to 2010 she attends Accademia di Belle Arti in Bari, studying sculpture and decoration. From 2010 to 2012 she follows design and publishing classes at the ISIA Institute in Urbino, graduating with a thesis on Ettore Sottsass and his editorial role in the magazines Pianeta Fresco and Terrazzo. Today she works for Juma following the development of graphic projects on different communication supports.


Jennifer Carew

Born in Cividale del Friuli (UD) in 1984, she studied between Como and Milan. Graduated in 2008 in Furniture Design at Politecnico di Milano, she specializes in Product Design, afterwards. Loving simplicity and clean lines, she is passioned about jewel design. Her professional path led her to develop a few product collections and jewelry for several clients, pushed by a innate appetite for new tasks and challenges. She joins Juma in 2015, designing products and interns and following various activities linked to the photo shootings scene.


Sara Biasini

With her heart in Valtellina, where she was born and raised, she leaves her mountains to graduate in Product Design at Politecnico in Milan. Passionate about design in the round, she attends graphic design classes, followed by an internship in an architecture studio and, thanks to the first prize won in the contest "Talents Without Borders", she moves to Colchester (UK) with the role of Creative Marketing Designer. Returned to Italy, she gets back to the field of product design to join Juma later on, in 2017.


Chiara Blumer

Class 1988, born in Varese, Italy. She studies visual communication at SUPSI university in Lugano and illustration design in Urbino, at ISIA, Higher Institute for Artistic Industries. Always experimenting and always curious to explore new ways of communication, she gets close to the world of social media, joining Juma in 2017.


Roberta Nozza

Born in 1995, proud Millenial enthusiast with art, digital and new media. Love for visual design burst into her life by hanging out through the corridors of the “Liceo Artistico A. Frattini”. Her path led her to attend visual communication at SUPSI university in Lugano, where she discovers a passion for web design. She graduates with a thesis on artistic post-digital publishing along with a project named “Loud” that made her win the “Talenthesis 2017” award. She joins Juma in November 2017. 


Mattia Salvà

Born in Rovigo in 1991, he studies between Ferrara and Venice. In the Venetian lagoon he obtains a master degree in communication design with a thesis on experimental publishing and art books. His younger-age-passion for graffiti will mature over the years in an interest for typography and type design. He begins his career as graphic designer in Milan and joins Juma in early 2018.


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