Amini, Still life
Based in Italy, born between Herat and Kabul back in 1962, Amini is an important business in the carpet making industry, committed into transmitting its traditions and recollections of traditional Afghan carpets, contemporary rugs, and reissues of famous and unique designs. The new identity of Amini addresses the brand towards a new and fresh market, presenting a modern, bold feel that merges classic with contemporary. Its image draws from the logo to the editorial projects, characterized by a clean and light appeal. These qualities are echoed in the core of the styling concept, visible in the art direction, photo shootings, the managment of social networks, and the new website: a product-oriented instrument, which simultaneously marks towards the representation of the story behind the trademark, such as cultural heritage and artisanal processes, together with research aspects and artistic collaborations.
Photo: Jessica Soffiati