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The representation of an active vision of the Italian heritage was at the basis of our project for Azucena. Founded by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua, acquired and relaunched by B&B Italia in 2018, the brand has always been held in the highest esteem, combining formal elegance and understated luxury. Intending to preserve it as part of Italy’s rich heritage, we have expressed its timeless modernity through an articulated project, ranging from the restoration of the logo and the creation of an identity system to a photographic exlploration of the products in narrative and technical key.

Azucena, 2018
Photo: Robert Rieger
Technical information
Font: Eurostile, Practice
Paper: Gmund Lakepaper Blocker, Arctic Paper Munken Lynx
Size: 206 × 290 mm

The brand is named after Azucena, the gypsy in the Italian opera Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi. Studio Juma restores the original logo in order to sustain its historical relevance in the contemporaneity.

Alongside the graphics, we have chosen to narrate the brand through two parallel, although converging, stories, in the form of two photographic projects dedicated to the representation of the products. Independent but symbiotic, the portraits enhance both the technical aspect of Azucena and its relation with its city, Milan, in an interpretation of photographer Federico Clavarino.

Interview to Federico Clavarino
"Working on something very meaningful resonates deep inside me, creating a reverberation that calls to be answered. I could easily talk about the impact Caccia's work has had on me in such ways - it has created a relationship which I would like to explore and expand to include architecture."
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Studio Juma designs a coherent website to explore all the facets of the brand, from contemporary architectures to classical scenarios, to author reportages and experimental projects. offers an overview of the everlasting products and the authorized dealers.

Inside David Chipperfield’s home-studio in the heart of Berlin, framed by large spaces in rough concrete and big windows, some of the most iconic designs by Luigi Caccia Dominioni. A sort of exploration of these unique rooms, under the art direction of Studio Juma.

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