Emil, FW19
Growing up in Milan means growing in a city outlined by the great architecture and design of Luigi Caccia Dominioni. No architect represents the essence of the Milanese culture more than he does. He is considered a pioneer industrial designer and one of the leading representatives of what is called the “Milan” style, meaning the unique design approach that includes technique, theory, and a profound attention to craftsmanship. Milan the city of costant renewal, the city of hidden treasures, the city of secluded secrets that reveil themselves only to the eyes of who’s curios.

That very same formal elegance and understated luxury, representative of the Milan syle designed by Caccia Dominioni, we have tried to trasfer it in our fall/winter collection 2019. The Milanese architect found pleasure and inspiration from his frequent collaborations with the many wood, glass, stone, and metal craftsmen, and so did we. Wool, silk, silver, mother of pearl. The combination of different elements and textures brought us to experiment and search for new models and designs, never tied to a theory written or taught but entrusted to the crystallization of constructed objects, in which the essence of the design shines through in “sense of proportion” and “respectful execution”, outlining its original composition.

Emil woman 2019 is strong and confident, yet soft and genuine. She dresses for herself and for no-one else, she wears boots on a cloudy day and she keeps her hands in her pockets, with ease, walking around the city. She doesn’t mind the rain, she covers her shoulder with a wool coat only, little raindrops in her hair. She’s beautiful and free, she is indipendent and always romantic. She looks up to the sky, looking for the sun, she turnes back to stare at something of her interest, but she never stops. Like Milan.
Concept and Art Direction: Juma
Photo: Mattia Parodi
Video: Forte studio